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Publishing House

Publishing House

the rebirth of am yisrael in its land, is accompanied by renewed thirst for torah learning that will breathe life into the nation.  

the meemek hevron publishing house was established by yeshivat shavei hevron in order to publish and distribute the torah that is growing in the city of our forefathers to the general public.

the rabbis of the yeshiva follow in the footsteps of rav avraham yitzhak hacohen kook, ztzl and his son, rav tzvi yehuda kook, ztzl and their students.  

the publications of the writings of rav moshe bleicher shlita and ravi eli horowitz hyd are at the center of the publications.  the books are edited by publishing staff in accordance with lessons that were given, mostly at yeshivat shavei hevron.  the publications remain loyal to the content and style of the original lessons, while great care is given to proper editing so that the content will be clear to those who learn it.

the lessons taught by rav moshe bleicher, shlita, the founder of the yeshiva, are fundamental lessons in faith (emunah), that build a strong foundation in the hearts of the students. additionally, there are publications of the in-depth gemara classes that he taught.

rav eli horowitz hyd, was a central and influential figure at the beit midrash.  his lessons in emunah were clear and deep.  he also gave these lessons at other torah institutions.  the meemek hevron publishing house is privileged to be the publishers of these classes that teach the fundamentals of emunah.

the staff at meemek hevron work diligently on editing the lessons of the acting rosh yeshiva, rav hananel etrog shlita and rav mishael rubin, a teacher at the yeshiva.

efforts are also invested in the publishing and distribution of books written by various authors such as rav eli adler, a teacher at yeshiva shavei hevron and at the yeshiva preparatory program. the books of rav meir cohen,   also a teacher at the yeshiva preparatory program and the books written by n. gal dor, who teaches at the shirat hevron midrasha and various other institutions, including a program for educational instructors.