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Yeshiva Preparatory Program (Mechina)

Yeshiva Preparatory Program (Mechina)

the beit midrash at netivot dror was named after col. dror weinberg, hyd.  it is a unique preparatory program (mechina) for graduates of yeshiva high schools prior to army service.  the beit midrash was established with the belief that torah builds a person and helps him to become active and influential.  each individual needs to develop his world from a torah standpoint, even if he plans to enter other realms of endeavor after graduation.  col. dror weinberg, hyd, was deeply connected to torah and torah scholars.  as a result, he became an exceptional officer in the israel defense forces and exhibited great leadership qualities. in our generation, this message must be instilled in our youth in order to build a generation with similar aspirations and way of life.

today, the need for a beit midrash such as this one is great due to the fact that there are numerous young men who dont find that they are suited to learn in the framework of a regular yeshiva and there is the need for a place that can accommodate their needs.  there is a need to build a bridge between their cultural world and the world of torah.  this bridge carries with it the message that torah is for everyone.  there is a letter for each person in the torah and all he must due is find it and build his life by creating a deep bond to it.

the program is designed to cover the span of two years, during which, the students gain the tools for individual learning that will enable them either to continue on to regular yeshiva institutions or to enter influential positions in the israeli army .  relations with the graduates are maintained for the duration of their army service and their continued education due to the recognition of the importance of continued torah learning throughout ones life and not only during the time spent at the mechina.  the students are taught to love am yisrael, the state of israel, torah and the land of israel.  they are encouraged to make their contribution to am yisrael and the state of israel in accordance with their own specific capabilities and talents.

bh, the yeshiva sees blessings from its labors.  graduates become successfully integrated in the army and other realms of endeavor and the torah and emunah that they absorbed during their time in the mechina accompanies them.

the founding of the beit midrash

the story of the beit midrash at telem began in the year 2002, when tzviki bar-hai, the mayor the har hevron area, turned to rav moshe bleicher, shlita with the request that they join forces in order to strengthen the telem community.  the settlement, situated close to hevron, is of strategic importance on the route leading up to the ancient city.  at the time that bar-hai approached rav bleicher, shlita, there were only 14 families on the settlement. it didnt appear that a wave of interest was forthcoming that would bring new residents. rav bleicher, shlita, rose to the occasion and sent rav avi cohen-or, zl, one of the rabbis at shavei hevron, to telem in order to create a core settlement group with the aim of establishing a beit midrash. 

as part of this process, there was a need to decide upon and implement proper security measures.  col. dror weinberg, hyd, was active in instigating changes in the security of the region in order to allow for the establishment of a settlement, that unfortunately, he never saw.  he lost his life in the fight against arab terrorist who struck in the city of hevron on shabbat, parshat vyetze in the year 2002.  today, the telem settlement is developing nicely in an atmosphere of cooperation between the secular and religious residents of the community.

hopefully, the students at the netivot dror and the residents of telem are worthy partners in the realization of drors vision of building a nation of torah leaders that will uplift the spirit of our people and lead them in the path of the geula.