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High School Yeshiva

High School Yeshiva

about the yeshiva

the yeshiva was established by yeshivat shavei hevron in order to meet the needs of youth and their families for torah institutions aiming to turn out generations of torah scholars.

the yeshiva aspires to bond students with the beit midrash by creating a warm and loving educational atmosphere.

the aim of the yeshiva is to build the personalities of the youths through torah.  each student is encouraged to progress in accordance with his own strengths and talents. students are encouraged to immerse themselves in all aspects of torah:  talmud and learning, ethics, spirituality and personal charcteristics.

the yeshiva is headed by rav shachar yehud, who brings rich educational experience to the youths of israel.

yeshiva shavei hevron offers educational guidance to the high school, as well as administrative and economic aid.  


much time and effort is put into jewish studies.  most of the hours of the day are spent learning gemara, halacha and tanach.  secular subjects are also taught in order to expand the students horizons and prepare them for their matriculation examinations.

special emphasis is placed on emunah, musar and yirat shamayim by in-depth and methodical learning, taking into consideration the special spiritual needs of adolescent youths.

eduational approach

the yeshiva upholds that diligent torah learning builds and develops the personalities of the youths.

the high school yeshiva emphasizes the great value in learning torah in its purity, with emphasis on yirat shamayim and good personal qualities, specifically during the period of time when youths are clarifying their personal strengths and talents.

the acquisition of torah in this way, will bear blessings to the youths who are growing in torah in an atmosphere that encourages loyalty to themselves, their people and their land.

the yeshiva aspires to bond the young boys to torah by providing a lively and natural atmosphere. youths , in their true essence are full of the love of torah and yirat shamayim.  the educators challenge is to uncover this true nature and help it grow.  towards this end, much time and effort is put into building significant relationships between teachers and students.  these relationships help to create feelings of belonging and a desire to grow in torah.  similarly, they open avenues of communication, through which the youths can express themselves, ask questions and be guided through this significant period of their lives.

social education

the yeshiva makes great effort to provide social education that is based on torah values.

it is of great importance that youths learn to recognize their capabilities and talents, and express them in society.

a full-time social coordinator is employed, who designs a yearly calendar full of educational activities.  a dedicated staff of rabbis and counselors invest their time patiently clarifying to the youths the connection between the torah they learn and its application in their own lives, in accordance with their own personalities and strengths.

spending time with torah scholars in the beit midrash and outside of it will help the youths have faith in themselves and their capabilities and help them develop aspirations in torah and a personality defined by personal characteristics the torah encourages.

already, at the beginning of the students experience at the high school, we witness the deep connection between them and the educational staff, as well as the positive and sympathetic social bonds that are formed between the students of the classes.