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Midrasha For Women

Midrasha For Women

you,  wishing to be filled with something else,

to live life to its fullest and to know yourself,

to learn torah that gives strength to all aspects of life,

to build an integrated and strong spiritual personality,

to feel connected to something far greater than what you knew until now,

come and learn with us at midreshet shirat hevron.


midreshet shirat hevron is a torah institution for young women who wish to enhance their faith.


the one-year program allows for deep and fundamental spiritual growth in a lively and supportive atmosphere.  the studies focus on the building of spiritual strengths by becoming acquainted with oneself, our people and our torah in the unique atmosphere of the city of our forefathers, hevron.


classes are held in a warm, calm, familial atmosphere.  here, you will find a personal connection with the staff of the midrasha, as well as, a sympathetic ear and guidance during the year and the years following graduation from the program.


torah learning at the midrasha is learning related to life and encompasses all of the details of everyday life.  the young women gain the tools by which they can sharpen their outlook in order to live a true life of torah and build homes and families in israel.

the misrasha emphasizes the individuals bond to clal yisrael.  love, unity and progress are contingent upon being connected to am yisrael according to the torah of rav avrham yitzhak hacohen kook, ztzl.

midreshet shirat hevron, named for sarit amrani, hyd, was established in 2003 by yeshivat shavei hevon.  it is a one-year program of intensive torah studies for women who have completed their national service or army service.  today, approximately 25 young women are enrolled in the program.  the midrasha offers many social activities such as a week of work and touring, educational evenings, tours and special shabbat experiences, including shabbat with parents and hospitality at the homes of the rabbis and teachers. there are also weekly classes and prayers at mearat hamachpela. 


additionally, there is the possibility of preparing for the psychometric exams and an internet line is provided for this purpose.  if there is a large enough group, a course can be arranged to be held at the midrasha, taught by the lachman company.