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Core in Southern Yehuda Torah

Core in Southern Yehuda Torah


at the beginning of the school year in 2009, a torah core was established by yeshiva shavei hevron in kiryat arba-hevron.

the torah core is principally composed of families living in the kiryat arba-hevron area, who are connected to yeshiva shavei hevron.  some of them are married students still learning at the yeshiva, and others, are graduates. 

the torah core maintains educational and social activities for the benefit of the community.  the activities are varied and meant to serve the needs of the general community of all ages in kiryat arba-hevron.



activities for children

talmudit - torah enrichment for girls

groups of girls from kindergarten through the sixth grade learn in the progam known as the talmudit.  each age group learns with a counselor who presents various torah subjects, such as stories from the tanach and stories about tzadikim. the learning is experiential and includes prizes and refreshments for the participating girls.  special activities are held for the holidays.

the talmudit is in operation once a week for one hour and is run by wives of married students from yeshiva shavei hevron.


evening yeshiva classes for boys


the evening yeshiva provides activities for boys that are similar to those provided for the girls at the talmudit.  the boys are divided into groups according to age from nursery school to the eighth grade.  each group studies with a counselor who presents various torah subjects from the gemara, mishna, tanach and stories of tzadkim.  here, also, the learning is experiential and accompanied by prizes and refreshments for the participants.  special activities are held for the holidays.  some of the teachers are rabbis who graduated from yeshiva shavei hevron.



the families of the yeshivas married students are doing wonders in the isolated neighborhood of givat haavot by operating after-school child care programs for the children.  the child care program includes boys and girls from kindergarten age through the eighth grade. the program offers creative activities, help with homework and various games. the counselors integrate educational messages and values in the various activities.  the child care program is operated in cooperation with the municipality of kiryat arba-hevron.




jewish values for the secular population


members of the torah core carry out activities that incorporate jewish values at the secular grammar school in kiryat arba for grades 1-6.  the counselors clarify ethical values, zionism and the spirit of the torah with the children.  these activities highly enrich the students and are held in an experiential atmosphere without academic tests.





there are married students who help children who have learning difficulties with their studies.  emphasis is placed on subjects related to torah studies.




youth activities


the torah core also provides various activities for youth.  within the framework of the regular school system, married students provide extra help to youths in various subjects.  this allows for the development of relationships beyond the study periods that also give support to the adolescent boys.  there are 15 devoted married students who give time three times a week in order to further this project.


adoptive families


for every age level of adolescent boys and girls in kiryat arba-hevron, there is an adoptive family. 

the youth are invited to the adoptive families homes for various activities including study sessions and panels that delve into the principles of jewish identity and zionism in accordance with the spirit of torah.  these activities take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere that includes refreshments.


these activities create strong relationships between the youths and the families that serve as an important basis for preparation for future family life and life in general.


activities for adults


twice a week there is a kollel at night for adults that is held at one of the synagogues in kiryat arba.  the kollel was founded by graduates of yeshiva shavei hevron and is maintained by the torah core.


additionally, some graduates give lessons for adults on the daf hayomi.  this activitiy is also partially maintained within the budget of the torah core.




activities for the bnei menashe community


there are about 170 families residing in kiryat arba, who are from the bnei menashe community, who came to israel from india.  there is also a group of families from peru  according to tradition, they are part of the ten lost tribes.


the torah core provides various projects that aid in the absorption of these new immigrants into the general population and also helps fulfill various personal and social needs that this process involves.  


the hatikvah club


the hatikvah club carries out activiites for children of the bnei menashe community in kiryat arba.  it is run by high school aged counselors who are part of the ariel youth organization.  the children are arranged in groups according to age and activities that are educationally, socially and ethically enriching are planned for each age level.  the aim of the club is to acquaint the children with israeli culture while maintaining the culture of their origin.


at the end of each activity, the children receive a small prize.


additionally, special activities and parties are held throughout the year for the holidays. a  summer program is held during the summer vacation.




activities for adults

three times a week members of the community learn halacha and mishna with rav gurion sela.


the bnei menashe community gathers together every shabbat for a lesson in parshat hashavua given by rav gurion sela.  usually, there is also a guest rabbi who gives a lesson, which is translated by rav sela.


rav gurion translates what the guest rabbi says.  this activity is important to the integration of the bnei menashe into the general community and helps them become acquainted with central figures within it.  light refreshments are served.


occasionally, a communal seudah shlishit or melave malka is arranged.


activities surrounding the holidays such as a chanukah party, seder tubeshvat, purim party etc. are held. additionally, once a year on chol hamoed pesah, a day is held that honors and strengthens the special culture of the bnei menashe community.


learning for women of the community


once a week, women meet in order to study jewish laws that are relevant to them.  this lesson broadens the womens knowledge and allows them to meet and discuss issues that are important to them.




weekly newsletter for parshat hashavua


once a week, a newsletter is published in the hindi language that is distributed at the synagogues in kiryat arba.  the newsletter contains ideas about the parsha for that shabbat, halacha and current affairs.