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learning torah with joy

talmud torah, kinyan torah, was established by rav bleicher, shlita in kiryat arba – hevron in 2001.

kinyan torah was established with the outlook that torah is the natural environment for children.  the school aims to build the true character of children in israel.

here, in the very place that the fathers of our people lived, there is special significance to the torah learning of the sons who have returned to their forefathers borders.

the desire to acquire torah is instilled in the child by intensely bonding him to the values of love of torah and yirat shamayim.

the school encourages independent learning through review of educational material outside of school hours.  homework is not given.  rather, children are encouraged to recognize the value of internalizing torah knowledge and make use of the beit midrash after school hours.

the main key to success in education is personal attention. towards this end, students are granted personal time daily with their teacher who grants them educational and emotional support.

the talmud torah aims to build torah scholars who are g-d-fearing and well-adjusted individuals who uphold torah with a pleasant and stable approach.  such leaders will be a blessing to am yisrael.

today, there are about 180 pupils learning at the school and about 25 staff members who live in the surrounding area.

kinyan torah serves children from kiryat arba, hevron and the neighboring settlements.  children are transported to and from their studies by armored vehicles for their safety.